Professional Long Term Time-Lapse Software for the Raspberry Pi.

Record Long Term Time-Lapse in Just a Few Clicks.

A perfect option for low budget construction or wildlife time-lapse.

Monitor Your Time-Lapses Remotely.

Log in to the web interface on your Raspberry Pi to check the status of your time-lapses. The web interface works great from mobile devices, so you can even check on your time-lapses from your phone!

Easily Start and Stop Time-Lapses.

Easily start new time-lapses through the web interface without having to write scripts or code on the Raspberry Pi. You can even record multiple time-lapses simultaneously with different settings.

Create Videos Effortlessly.

Create time-lapse videos directly from the web interface and download them ready to share. No need to know how to use video editing software.

Install now and get the following features:

  • Record time-lapses using our cutting-edge smoothing algorithm that runs while recording instead of in post-production
  • Monitor time-lapses remotely using the web interface
  • Easily start and stop time-lapses
  • Create time-lapse videos directly from the web interface without the need for post-processing software
  • Download a zip file of all time-lapse images if you want to use your own post-processing software
  • Record high resolution 4K time-lapses (*requires a Raspberry Pi High quality camera)

What’s the difference between a SmoothLapse and a regular time-lapse?

SmoothLapse is a novel technique in long term time-lapse photography which is used in our cutting-edge time-lapse software for the Raspberry Pi.

A common problem in long term time-lapse is that, especially when filming outdoors, the resulting video can have a lot of flicker, which requires post processing techniques to remove.

With a SmoothLapse, our intelligent algorithm takes photos at the right time to avoid the flicker in the first place. Which reduces or eliminates the need for post processing.


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