SmoothLapse software is available to use under the following two licensing plans:

  • SmoothLapse Free
  • SmoothLapse Professional

SmoothLapse Free is completely free to use indefinitely and is the default setting upon first installation. We didn’t want to make the software too heavily restricted for individual hobbyists so it only has two limitations:

  • Maximum recording resolution of 640x480px
  • Small watermark placed on videos and images

If you’re an individual hobbyist photographer or Raspberry Pi enthusiast then SmoothLapse Free should be more than enough for your projects. However, if you want to use SmoothLapse for commercial purposes then please consider buying a SmoothLapse Professional license to help support our running costs.

SmoothLapse Professional has the following advantages:

  • No maximum recording resolution (resolution only limited by your camera)
  • No watermark placed on any videos or images
  • Cloud upload feature *(coming soon)

The cloud upload feature will enable time-lapse images to be automatically uploaded to an Amazon AWS bucket or Microsoft Azure blob. The bucket or blob storage will need to be purchased separately and your Raspberry Pi will need an internet connection.

SmoothLapse professional licenses can be purchased from our store for the following costs:

  • £15 for a 3 month license
  • £25 for a 6 month license
  • £40 for a 1 year license

Free Licenses

At SmoothLapse we care about our planet and the environment. We also think that education is important to raise the next generation. That’s why we’re offering free SmoothLapse Professional licenses to anyone filming an environmental or wildlife based time-lapse project, and also to teachers and students.

Get in touch with us and receive a free SmoothLapse Professional license if you’re one of the following:

  • Teachers or students at a university or school
  • Filming any environmental time-lapse to capture the effects of, for example: glacier movement, deforestation, coastal erosion, pollution, planting of new plants
  • Performing any form of wildlife monitoring such as bird boxes or other animals