SmoothLapse was made exclusively for the Raspberry Pi. To install SmoothLapse on your Raspberry Pi, run the following commands below.


sudo bash ./

We are aware that users are currently experiencing issues using SmoothLapse with the latest Bullseye OS for the raspberry Pi due to the way that the camera interface has been changed. To mitigate this we recommend using the Buster OS until we have had a chance to resolve these issues.

After installing, visit http://raspberrypi:5000 using any computer on your local network. The default username and password is admin / admin. You can then start recording time-lapses with just a few clicks through the web interface.

If your Raspberry Pi has a different host name than “raspberrypi” then ensure you substitute that in the above url accordingly.

Before installing, ensure that you turn on the camera module in interface options using sudo raspi-config.
If you are using the high quality camera, it is recommend to set the GPU memory to 256MB, otherwise 128MB will suffice. This can be found under performance options.

Supported Raspberry Pi Versions:

Raspberry Pi 1Unsupported
Raspberry Pi 2?
Raspberry Pi 3Supported
Raspberry Pi 4Supported
Raspberry Pi Zero WUnsupported
Raspberry Pi Zero 2WSupported